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Sailing at Summit 5111-08 Ice on Summit Lake 0360-09 Ice on Summit Lake 0411-09 Morning Dew 0431-09 Spring at Summit 0554-09 Creek at Summit 0577-09 Tree and Rock 0592-09 Summit Lake 3332-07 Summit Lake 3347-07 Summit Waterfall 2310-07 Flowers Beside Summit Lake 0504-06 Summit Lake 0500-06 Kite at Stone Mountain 2178-05 Kites at Stone Mountain 2166-05 Kites at Stone Mountain 2168-05 Kites at Stone Mountain 2172-05

Summit Lake is in Stone Mountain Park a couple hours drive north of Fort Nelson. There is a campsite with trails leading into Flower Springs and up Mt. St. Paul.

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