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Purple Mountain Saxifrage 4611-15 Purple Mountain Saxifrage 4621-15 Purple Mountain Saxifrage 4639-15 Purple Mountain Saxifrage 4643-15 Flower Springs Lake 4704-15 Flower Springs Lake 4716-08 Tank at Flower Springs 4526-08 Snow at Flower Springs 5143-08 Flower Springs 9570-04 Flower Springs 9595-04 Flower Springs Trail 9495-04 Flower Springs Trail 9509 04 Flower Springs Lake 9547-04 Flower Springs 9573-04 Flower Springs Lake 9528-04 Flower Springs Lake 9520-04 Flower Springs 9564 I've got Berries 9498-04

Flower Springs Lake is in Stone Mountain Park, about a 2 hour hike in from the campsite at Summit Lake. There is a also a 50 ft waterfall and 2 more small lakes if you want to hike further up Mount St. George.

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