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Flatcars 20021821 Lost Tracks 20021730 Old Yukon 20021829 Autumn Curves 20021711 Autumn Roots 20021703 Bennett Lake 20021722 Bennett Lake 20021714 Rain Drops & Bug Trails 20021406 Emerald Lake 20021636 Lichen & Leaves 20021702 Creeping Out 20021533 Red Berry 20021526 Yukon River 20021606 Grey Mountain Rainbow 20021605 Grey Mountain 20021601 Grey Mountain 20021603 Drops on Red 20021402 Rottie Legs 20021319 Autumn Sparkles 20021306 Storm over Sand 20021229 Trees 20021220

Photos from 2002 trip to the Yukon... in the rain. It was quite disappointing weather, so gloomy and wet, the type of weather I would usually not bother getting the camera out. Once forced out taking pictures I discovered a new kind of beauty. Click on any thumbnail image to see a larger one.

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