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photographer Steve Baker.

Boardwalk 20001805

Much of the area around Fort Nelson is muskeg, which is too soft to drive across until it freezes solid in the winter. Oil and gas producers look for innovative ways to extend the work season. The picture shows a roadway of six inch thick matting made of oak planks laid across the muskeg. This floats on the muskeg allowing them to haul the heavy drilling rigs in and work year around. The normal winter working season on ice roads is limited to about 4 months.

The oak matting had to be trucked up from the US. Now local sawmills are producing matting with much less expensive poplar (Aspen) lumber.

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hide photo detail info shooting date: 2002-02-27 | location: Fort Nelson, BC | country: Canada | camera: Canon EOS Elan 7e SLR | lens: Canon 28-105 f/3.5-5.6 | ISO: 100 | in gallery: The Patch |
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